Consumer Duty: through the lens of Training & Competency

Critical considerations around how firms can improve their approach to T&C to meet Consumer Duty requirements and standards.

In this abridged discussion piece – adapted from the transcript of our recent Consumer Duty webinar with ClearStep Consulting – Adrian Harvey, CEO at Elephants Don’t Forget, discusses how firms can improve their approach to Training & Competency (T&C) with Lynne Hargreaves, T&C SME and Director at ClearStep Consulting. 

Discussion topics include:

  • Approaches to T&C: a review of changes and uplifts required to T&C frameworks to meet new expectations.
  • Practical implementation: effective methodologies for assessing and evidencing staff understanding and application of Consumer Duty.
  • Mapping T&C across the customer journey: critical considerations mapped against the Cross Cutting Rules and Four Outcomes.

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