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Hybrid working maybe the new norm in 2022 but the FCA is keeping a watchful eye on how firms continue to meet their regulatory responsibilities and effectively control the risks. With the regulator reviewing a firm's remote working arrangements on a case-by-case basis, they haven't discounted the prospect of supervisory and enforcement visits to the homes of staff who work remotely to see the suitability of their remote/hybrid working arrangements for themselves.

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar, Frank Brown, Senior Director at Hogan Lovells and Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants Don't Forget, discuss the practical measures firms can put in place to ensure they comply with their regulatory obligations and control the risks.

Topics include how firms can:

- Ensure that your compliance framework is fit for purpose.

- Prove that you have plans to ensure there is "appropriate governance" and oversight.

- Clearly evidence that you have suitable internal compliance procedures, training, and data processes in place to avoid regulatory sanctions.

- Demonstrate that an "appropriate culture" is in place and being maintained in a remote working environment.

- Create new ways of monitoring governance, risk and compliance to accommodate new ways of working.

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Adrian Harvey & Frank Brown

Adrian Harvey: CEO of Elephants Don't Forget
Adrian spent the first decade of his career working in corporate banking and lending, with ABN AMRO, GE Capital & BNP Paribas. He joined the energy sector to bring commercial expertise to the privatisation of British Gas and spent 10-years in the sector. He was Managing Director of the largest residential business of British Gas and Managing Director of Eon’s property services and renewable energy business.

Frank Brown: Senior Director at Hogan Lovells
Frank works with C-suite and senior management to solve current problems (Compliance, Op Risk, Conduct Risk, customer outcomes, operational inefficiencies), and to build processes to enhance effectiveness, embed resilience, and reduce the risk of future failures. He brings a wealth of experience in facilitating internal change to improve Governance, Culture, GRC, ERM and strengthen the 3 Lines of Defence.

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