Real-time employee competence

Access leading, objective, real-time indicators of individual employee knowledge and competency on-demand. Automatically and continuously repair critical knowledge gaps whilst gaining invaluable insight into areas and individuals attributing to your compliance risk profile and make targeted interventions to mitigate risks associated with causing consumer harm due to sub-optimal in-role knowledge and competence. 

"Nelly guarantees that all our people have learned what they’ve been trained. From a compliance perspective, I would find it very difficult to evidence where our knowledge and competency was without it."
 - Claire Moore, BNP Paribas Personal Finance


CD - Employee Competence

CD - Risk Reporting

Granular & dynamic risk reporting

Accurately quantify individual employee understanding of regulatory, policy, process and product changes and ensure all new and tenured staff are continually demonstrating a required level of proficiency to interact with customers and prospects, further mitigating risk for your firm and customer base.

"Elephants Don’t Forget answered our challenge. How do we stay compliant whilst demonstrating continuity for our people in how they are supported. The AI is playing a crucial role in driving both these fronts globally across customer facing divisions and our support functions."
 - Allianz

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Embed regulatory training at scale

Operating in the flow of work, Clever Nelly uses just 1 minute 47 seconds of an employee’s working day to embed Conduct Rule training for staff in a personalised and role-specific way. Continually assess and evidence individual understanding and application of required Consumer Duty compliance themes within a safe and supportive learning environment.

"I really like the educational underpinning - repetition leads to deeper knowledge retention. Greater knowledge leads to improved business performance. Simple as that."
 - Legal & General

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CD - Sales Friction

CD - Continuous Improvement

Make continuous improvements

Sustainably improve compliance engagement, understanding and in-role application of regulatory training using a continuous assessment methodology which is preferred by 9 out of 10 employees when compared to traditional training methods. Drive down employee errors, eradicate compliance fatigue, reduce your annual refresher training requirement by up to 50% whilst targeting specific customer support KPIs including: First Contact Resolution, Average Hold Time and Average Handling Time.  

"It’s a solution that helps our colleagues optimise their in-role performance, whilst giving us additional insight in terms of employee compliance and competence, and improvements to operational metrics."
 - Dan Thompson, Strategy and Transformation Director at Moneybarn


Improve & evidence your culture

A best-in-class way to proactively develop and evidence organisational culture, improve customer outcomes, employee capability and business performance at scale. Access on-demand, best-in-class MI and receive dedicated quarterly reports to demonstrate your cultural progression programme whilst authentically enhancing your assurance activities across your Three Lines of Defence.

"Clever Nelly has been instrumental in reinforcing our renowned approach to individual employee learning. It ensures we can continually embed key learning concepts and quantify the impact of learning on our KPIs."
 - Aviva


CD - Compliance Culture Report