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In Controls We Trust: Lessons From Recent Financial Crime s166 reviews

Nearly half a billion pounds worth of fines were imposed by the FCA in 2021. And with 84% of these concerning financial crime, it’s clearly an area where it is prepared to show its teeth.

The trend is set to continue. Our friends at Bovill looked at the statistics for skilled person reviews issued in relation to financial crime and discovered that they have been increasing since 2017. The regulator is clearly cracking down on organisations whose financial crime control frameworks are not appropriately calibrated to meet the risks of the business.

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar, Rupi Christophers – Practice Lead of Fraud and Financial Crime at Bovill – and Adrian Harvey – CEO at Elephants Don’t Forget – discuss how firms and individuals responsible for financial crime compliance can:

- Meet the toughening expectations of the FCA

- Learn lessons from recent S166 action

- Ensure financial crime-related systems and controls are appropriate, effective and up to date

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Webinar Hosts_May 2022

Adrian Harvey & Rupi Christophers

Adrian Harvey: CEO of Elephants Don't Forget
Adrian spent the first decade of his career working in corporate banking and lending, with ABN AMRO, GE Capital & BNP Paribas. He joined the energy sector to bring commercial expertise to the privatisation of British Gas and spent 10-years in the sector. He was Managing Director of the largest residential business of British Gas and Managing Director of Eon’s property services and renewable energy business.

Rupi Christophers: Fraud and Financial Crime Practice Lead at Bovill
As a financial crime specialist, Rupi has 19 years banking and financial services sector experience in areas including anti-money laundering, sanctions, anti-bribery, anti-tax evasion and fraud regulation. She joined Bovill from Commerzbank where she was the Director of Fraud and Financial Crime Policy, Advisory and Oversight. Prior to this she was on the Lloyds Banking Group Financial Crime team for six years.

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