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Tick-box compliance – is your approach damaging your culture?

Culture has been at the top of the FCA's agenda for the past few years, but the regulator’s introduction of Consumer Duty has raised the expectations even higher on how firms define, measure and manage culture. A data-driven regulator – not afraid to use its enforcement and intervention powers – expects firms to ‘show their workings’ and demonstrate evidence of good practices within a healthy culture.

In this free 60-minute webinar, we examine how AI-powered assessment from Elephants Don’t Forget enables firms to meet the FCA’s four ‘Drivers of Culture’, provide the culture metrics & MI that boards need, and deliver the outcomes customers now expect.

Key discussion topics include:

– Why regulatory compliance is now so much more than having the right policies, processes and procedures in place.

– Feedback from the frontline: a timeline review of primary culture challenges collected from previous polls.

– Producing conduct MI your board will love and metrics that will satisfy the regulator.

– Developing suitably skilled employees, who are able to understand and deliver your firm’s culture and purpose.

– How forward-looking firms mitigate conduct risk issues and develop a customer-focused culture.

– Why current approaches to compliance fall short of FCA expectations.

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