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Consumer Duty: measure it, manage it, evidence it!

At its core, Consumer Duty is about culture – and culture is all about what your people do and how they do it.

Firms now require a more effective and robust way to evidence to the FCA that their people have the skills, knowledge and competence to ensure that a culture of proactively improving good customer outcomes is not just “talked” about; it’s an embedded – and evidential – operational reality.

In this free 60-minute demonstration, Elephants Don’t Forget showcase how your firm can follow what leading organisations in banking and insurance are doing to measure, monitor and improve the capability of their people to consistently deliver good outcomes for customers and develop an authentic culture of compliance.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how your firm can:

  • Establish an entirely new source of rich people-centric data to demonstrate your active and ongoing monitoring of facilitating good consumer outcomes.

  • Find and fix – in real-time – the skills and abilities of your front-line staff to deliver the service your customers deserve.

  • Provide your Board and the FCA with the assurance that every one of your people understand their obligations under Consumer Duty and the individual Conduct Rules.

  • Follow the example of leading firms who are leveraging AI to improve the training and development of their staff to elevate the experiences of all customers.

  • Reduce employee “compliance fatigue”; an issue which has been frequently raised as a growing concern for many regulated firms.

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