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Consumer Duty: why good outcomes depend on your first-line

In this free 60-minute webinar, Adrian Harvey – CEO of Elephants Don’t Forget – and Frank Brown – Director of GRR Consulting – examine why firms who authentically embed Consumer Duty and focus on the role and importance their first-line staff play in facilitating exceptional customer experiences will be the ones that ultimately avoid the wrath of the regulator and successfully achieve good customer outcomes. 

Topics of discussion include:

  • Why firms must prioritise first-line employee competence to achieve full compliance with Consumer Duty.

  • What your approach to training staff tells the regulator about your culture and embracing the spirit of Consumer Duty.

  • How you can prepare your first-line to review and test your products and communications.

  • How to equip your first-line to identify where and when consumer harm might occur and act accordingly.

This webinar was hosted in conjunction with:

GRR Consulting

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Frank Brown  
Director | GRR Consulting

Frank has extensive experience in working with C-suite and senior management to solve current problems (Compliance, Op Risk, Conduct Risk, customer outcomes, operational inefficiencies) and building processes to enhance effectiveness, embed resilience, and reduce the risk of future failures.


Adrian Harvey
CEO | Elephants Don’t Forget

Adrian spent the first decade of his career working in corporate banking and lending with ABN AMRO, GE Capital & BNP Paribas. He joined the energy sector to bring commercial expertise to the privatisation of British Gas and spent ten years in the sector. He was Managing Director of the largest residential business of British Gas and Managing Director of Eon’s property services and renewable energy business.