Why employee vulnerability breeds consumer vulnerability in the financial services sector

Discover how the world’s leading financial brands are deploying employee-centric methods to ensure their frontline staff retain the vital in-role knowledge they need to mitigate employee-based risk and brand damage.


What you'll learn: 

  • How leading financial brands including Allianz, Aviva and BNP Paribas are effectively supporting their frontline advisors.
  • How to access on-demand, granular evidence of employee knowledge and implement a forward-facing vulnerability risk radar.
  • Why improving employee knowledge and in-role capability fosters positive cultural change in firms.



Improved employee knowledge and competency. Guaranteed.

We are world leaders in the use of Artificial Intelligence to augment how each employee learns, retains and evidences in-role knowledge and competency.

How capable and productive is your team?

We know, from over 100 million interventions that, on average, your employees know 52% of what you need them to know to optimally perform their role.



Built for your business

Discover how we can help you achieve core business objectives.

Supercharge employee & business performance…

Effortlessly ensure that every employee has the knowledge, capability and competence to perform their role to the best of their ability to continuously improve business performance.

Improve & evidence regulatory compliance…

Augment your single point-in-time employee assessment regime with AI that continually assesses employees, whilst automatically rectifying gaps and providing best in class, independent evidence.

Quantify & mitigate operational risk…

A stress-free, light-touch and precise means of quantifying the level of operational risk arising from the workforce and, in many instances, mitigating it without any need for management intervention.

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Improved employee knowledge and competency. Guaranteed.

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